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Gary Guthman (1992)




There stands in front of you nine doors

To which I will through each a course

To plot, a plan, a journey to

Enrich your life as well to do.


We all have faced these times for sure

But taking steps as we endure

The trials, the tests, the everquest

For answers that must lie in rest.


Prepare thyself for adventure high

And I will guide you through a sky

Of silver clouds midst bluish hue

That ever part into a new


Dimension that will serve mankind

And lead to seeing from being blind

For as you’ll see, this travelogue

Will lift you from eternal bog.


Now through door number one you step

And lo you see a being adept

At flight and speed, he walks on wing

And speaks his words as if to sing.




“Be thou sure of what thee say

For what’s said once will be the day

To know thy thoughts, that they be gold

For they will land on young and old.


Word and rhymes do make the song

For all God’s children do belong

To the one, the universal tongue

That he doth spake, when he was young.


Thy thoughts are what is evident

In man’s own mind so ever-bent

As words are spoke from untrue thought

Will make confusion to man’s lot.


So, rest assured that if you will

Be true thy mind so ever still

That when thee speak, from thy true love

That thou will shine from high above.”


Now go thee well, to thy next sight

For thee will find a new delight

In learning truth for evermore

As ye proceed through thy next door.


Before your eyes, another door

From which you shudder to explore

But there you go; it is your due

To step right through door number two.


As you gaze at this cherished form

You feel a sense of love adorned

A cosmic rush of faith and trust

From man’s creation, dust to dust.



“I’m glad thee came

For love and honour is no game,

To play a role not heaven sent

Will truly be decline’s advent.


To love, it is so simple, see?

Thou can surely become free

Of all the chains and shackles strapped

Upon thy back what seems entrapped.


Remember when a child looks to

His mother/father to be true

To love with no condition there

Can only be what’s ever fair.


And this is what a love can be

For all mankind, God’s family tree

     With thy neighbour show respect

As if you would in turn expect.


My words are end and now you must

Go hither to and do intrust

That what you want, you will for thee

And find it through door number three.”




From far and wide, dark red maroon

Appears surround as though ‘tis strewn

Throughout this land of strength endure

That makes you feel so strong and pure.


The warrior tall stands before thee strong

And with a face that doth belong

To all who persevere throughout

And stand against all cast of doubt.


Will find thee strength, accept what be

But never let thy faith far flee

Know the difference is chance

To follow through and sure advance.


Have no fear, for fear’s design

Was not his nature to divine

It will destroy all faith and hope

And cause you to unable cope.


Face your fears with faith undying

Never you will fail for trying

Within your fears, your answers are

At fingertips, you, see? Not far!


Now boldly go where no man dare

And take thy faith for you will share

This everlasting fight for now

You will succeed and take a bow”


As you turn, bright red does burn

From deep within a need, a yearn

As this next vision will implore

That you must walk through number four.


As you proceed, immense weight lifts

As heavy dunes do turn to drifts

Many a coloured spectrum shows

Throughout your sight it ever glows.


A creature great as all that be

Now stands ahead for you can see

His knowledge broad, his laws decree

A great and just philosophy.


 “There are these common laws

That mankind deems replete with flaws

But know thee well and serve the good

These laws stand ground for brotherhood.


Study that which gives you mind

To think and reason for all time

And have thou knowledge of all that be

To make decisions that can free.


The heart, the soul, the mind of all

Who scoff at knowing that a fall

From grace can be done easily

For whom the bell tolls, needlessly.


Learn of math, of science too

Never leave God’s word askew

‘Tis the joining of this path

That will unveil to him a path.


Lighted ways and tempered ken

Will enjoin all thought in men

Lead the way to better life

Less of stress and ever strife."


At that the creature rises up

To hold you in his handed cup

To lift beyond the will survive

And lead you to door number five.


What ancient lines in this man’s face?

That one would ever dare embrace

To ask of him, what he would teach

And would it be within one’s reach?


You wait and wait so patiently

For him to speak that you must see

This must be one of his great tests

That he woulds’t speak at your request.



“My son, I’m old, a fettered soul

But this I say, it is a goal

That duty bound and actions taken

Will come around again unshaken.


As above and so below

Is one of proverbs as thee know

And what goes ‘round, will come again

For this is sure as man’s best friend.


Make sure and true thy thoughts and form

For it will lay your path untorn

For all your years to come and more

A future’s life for what’s in store.


Keep in mind, from day to day

That what ye do and what ye say

Will act upon a line direct

To your incline with no except.”


This point in time, old father said,

“Have no fear, what lie ahead

Is there for you, a stone to turn,

Another view from which to learn.”


You now ascend to greater heights

These many stairs and many flights.

Finally land upon a plane

Of higher thought and greater gain.


You approach this path its end

You feel electric’s pulse and then

You finally sight a point a fix

Step up to door numbered six.


What have we here? Not one, but more!

You stand in front of Many’s door

And with a hum and buzz abound

They speak, but hardly make a sound.



“We welcome you, our sisterhood

For we will teach a common good

Think in terms of all mankind

And not to stand just one behind.


You are the we, just one of all

And woulds’t be good, accept the call

Higher thoughts, ideals of loft,

A freedom ring, aspire more oft.


A gift to give humanity

From inspiration’s sanity

Invent the new and falter not

For you will find what they have sought.


Do not accept what man has said...

Cannot be done, ’tis truly dead!

For you alone can find a way

In which to guide them every day.


Although the one, you represent

A brand-new order, heaven sent

This new time will set man free

Long ago was once decree.”


With lighting speed, they disappeared

And then you saw a smoke that cleared

The way, a next step from heaven

As you approach door number seven.


All at once you stand amidst

A greenish hue like dawning’s mist

A spirit form appears most hidden

Who’s outline shines through what’s forbidden.



“I came to you, was long ago

A mystic sign as if to show

The way of him, the Ever Be

In hopes that you would finally see


The ways of man, can lead to ruin

A jumble of much misconstruing

You think, you feel you do as if

The human soul to set adrift.


The body, soul, and mind of man

Must surely be enjoined and can

Lead all his flock to higher ground

Thus, opened eyes woulds’t sure astound.”


“The meekest, the most timid being

To be confront, all knowing, seeing

With shaking knees and humbled shoulder

A burning bush woulds’t never smoulder.


Instinct, a hunch that hidden voice

Pushes you to make a choice

Will guide you to those promised lands

Which are embraced in his two hands.”


And with that said, you soul is send

To what appears to be an end

For furthest out in reach you land

Upon the smallest rock of sand.

And there before you, dark and still

A path exists would ever fill

The deepest pit of man’s desire

Doth beckon from murk and mire.


But in your heart, you truly know

That to this place you sure must go

For at the end, your spirit’s gate

New life begins, door number eight.



It’s dark, it’s cold, its depth is great

This place you’ve come to, number Eight

From farthest in you sense a voice

Who speaks the truth, without a choice.


“With what you fear the most is said

To be that which might find you dead

But all this fear from which you flee

Doth really start to set you free.


Life and death is only one

Of many paths yet left undone

To fear what comes to every one

A battle lost? Nay, could be won!


This fear all people have is sent

From far below but is not meant

To scare the daylight out of mind

But rather be your way inclined.


Consider this, a tree is seen

To grow its leaves so evergreen

And then through time the leaves of all

Will drop to ground, like in the fall.


I ask you, what is signify?

For is this death?

Did this tree die?

Your answer comes for you must know,

that this tree sleeps, for comes the snow.


It is not death, but only rest

To come again at life’s request

This is so, for me and you

That death precedes a life renew.


You are confused yes, I can tell

But this I say, I know so well

That all is not what seems to be

So, give some thought to what you see.


An answer to thy loss of faith

For on the mount, he stood and sayeth,

“If come to me, and heed my way

Your life reborn, new dawn, new day.”


So now you come to stand at peace

As Jason with his golden fleece

But ‘lo, you come upon a sign

That says, 'ahead, door number nine.'



As you walk through this final door

Expecting to find what’s in store

This last and ending place to rest

Thy furrowed brow and heavy breast.


You look and peer to left and right

To only find familiar sight

For this is where your trek began

A circle made, complete as planned.


In front of you, there is now stand

A mirror which holds no demand

For there you are, yourself alone

Thy final test, was writ in stone.


For where’re you go, so there you be

There’s only you, yourself, and thee

All crossroads met, all questions asked

All answers shown for you at last.



 ’Tis up to you, with what you do

It matters not which foot you shoe

Because you see, these doors were meant

To guide and show that time is leant


To all God’s children to unfold

What’s ever there that was foretold

Would lead the way to peace and love

From so below to as above.


Now go and live your life with ease

And never let your strife appease

The torturing that’s need not be,

Have love, live life and be set free.


If ever need though guidance true

Begin again and just walk through

The Traveler of life’s implores,

Adventure high, through these nine doors.



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