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The material contained on this album is a musical tale straight from classic  ‘noir’  style. This is a story of change from a girl

to a self-confident young woman and great performing artist. The classic vocals of Sasha and brilliant arrangements of Gary Guthman are a combination of Rhythm& Blues, Jazz and swing

with a modern sound. In fact, this is a musical spectacle, perfect for large concert halls to moody jazz clubs

Sasha Strunin - Vocalist

Filip Wojciechowski - Pianist

Pawel Panta - El. and Acoustic Bass

Paweł Dobrowolski - Drums

Michał Milczarek - Guitar

Marcin Kajper - Saxophone
Jacek Namysłowski - Trombone

Gary Guthman –  Trumpet/ Flugelhorn

All compositions and arrangements by Gary Guthman


“Woman In Black” song titles:

Woman In Black, Too Young To Know, Take Me Away, Don’t Hold Back, Forbidden Love, That’s Just How It Goes, Don’t Tell Me No!, A Fine Tango, Dangerous Blues, The Name Of My Game, You And I Are One

WOMAN IN BLACK demo - Sasha Strunin
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Taken from the old Broadway adage, charismatic singer Sasha Strunin was “born in a trunk”. Her talents grew in an atmosphere of opera and musical theatre as well as films and music from the golden age of Hollywood.


"Sasha Strunin, is definitely entering the era of vocalists remembered in the Golden Age of Swing. With great voice and beauty, accompanied by excellent musicians, and excellent compositions in the repertoire, she is on her way to the great jazz scene."
- Jerzy Szczerbakow  (founder and creator of RadioJAZZ.FM, co-creator of JazzPRESS e-monthly)

Jazz top musicians accompany Sasha

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