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This innovative project was created as part of the National Center for Culture's "Culture on the Web" program.

The concert presents works performed by classical music soloists-virtuosos, including flute / soprano vocal / cello and harp, combined with and improvised on, by a quartet of outstanding jazz musicians including trumpet / piano / acoustic bass / drums. 

In choosing specific sophisticated chamber pieces of classical music, the boundaries between classics, jazz, improvised music and avant-garde are effectively blurred, despite the fact that jazz and classical music are usually treated as distinct worlds. This separateness, often exaggerated, in the context of these arrangements, is not as obvious as it might seem. Classical composers precisely define each element of their work, leaving the performer a narrow margin of interpretation. In the case of jazz music, the opposite is true: notation is secondary to each soloist’s improvisational exposition. The arrangement therefor, is a sketch in design and is merely a starting point for the creation of the live performance of the piece. This is the main reason why the output of a classical composer is often measured by the number of opuses, where the jazzman, by the number of recorded albums.

Jazzmen often use classical music and interpret it by their own design. The result of which is not inclined to be an etude nor technical exercise, but an experiment, an attempt to create a new and innovative musical kaleidoscope on the original theme.

“Classics Meets Jazz", unique on the world stage, includes pieces with diverse instrumental voices - never before performed or improvised in this combination of classical quartet and jazz group. The link between these two aesthetic types of musical art, decided by the selection of classical music compositions, seamlessly fuses these two musical worlds.


Iwona Handzlik - Soprano

Tomasz Strahl - Cello

Łukasz Długosz - Flute

Małgorzata Zalewska - Harp

Gary Guthman – Trumpet/Flugelhorn

Filip Wojciechowski - Piano         

Paweł Pańta -  Bass Guitar/Double Bass

Cezary Konrad - Drums        


Maurice Ravel - Vocalise-étude en forme de Habanera

Reynaldo Hahn - L'énamourée

Si mes vers avaient des ailes

Gabriel Faure - Après un rêve

Pavane, Sicielienne

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy – Auf Flügeln des   Gesanges

Gary Guthman – Dalliance

Bernard Andrés - Chants de Miséricorde

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